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sNails Gloves Soak-Off Polish Remover

Gel Nail Remover – Single Use, Hygienic, Recyclable, Individually Packaged and Ready to Use and those are just some of the benefits of using our gloves to soak off your polish.

  • Introducing sNails Gloves – NOW you can now remove gel or acrylic nails just by wearing a pair of our  gloves.

No more dragging out the acetone, cotton and aluminum foil, no more clips and no more soaking in a bowl.

At sNails we start with a pair of single use & recyclable gloves.  Then we custom fit a super absorbent cosmetic pad and pre-moisten it with  a precise amount of 100% pure acetone. Then insert them into the fingertip of the glove. sNails are individually package, making them clean, hygienic and easy to use.  They’re Recyclable Too! (See our Recycling Page)

To use – simply buff the surface of your nail and then put on a pair of our gloves.

✅ Acetone ✅ Cosmetic Pad ✅ Glove, it’s all ready for you.

The BEST part of using sNails Gloves, is that you can use your hands while you wait.  Enjoy a drink, read a book, even use your touchscreen electronics.  All while you soak off your polish.

Try it for yourself! You’ll never go back to foil again.

sNails Gloves

The Easiest Gel Nail Remover

Weight16.0 oz
Dimensions5 × 5 × 8 in

4 reviews for sNails Gloves 5 Pair

  1. Erika T.

    I simply love sNails Remover Gloves…they’re a true life saver during these times due to the closure of salons because of the current pandemic…from the friendly customer service to the prompt delivery…and finally the gloves themselves even removing SNS without a drill…PHENOMENAL!! Again…Thank U!

  2. Brenda C.

    These are great for removing polish. I had a more polish than usual so I added a few squirts of acetone to my gloves. I love the idea!

  3. Leslie

    These gloves take all the mess, smell, and stress out of removing nail products! I love that you can still use your phone and you aren’t limited to what you can do. These gloves are way better than trying to mess with soaked cotton balls and aluminum foil!

  4. Danielle

    These have worked well for me they are super helpful and so great to be able to use my hands while I soak off

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