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OPI Nail Polish Remover Acetone Pen (.13 oz)

Corrector pen to clean any excessive nail lacquer surrounding the cuticles and nail edges for a clean, professional looking manicure.

  • The easy way to clean up nail lacquer mistakes!
Clean up manicure mistakes using the OPI Corrector Acetone Pen and never have a bad manicure moment again. Don’t throw away the Corrector Pen once it runs out of liquid!
Refill it!
  • Remove nail polish and CLEAN UP MISTAKES WITH EASE 
  • CLEAN ANY EXCESSIVE NAIL POLISH surrounding the cuticles and nail edges for a clean manicure
  • Use OPI Nail Polish Remover and Corrector Pen conditions cuticles, it is recommended for daily use
  • Use NAIL POLISH CORRECTOR PEN around cuticle edges to remove excessive nail polish. 

Indulge yourself in the ultimate at home mani pedi.  From your tips to your toes we have everything you need.  Delivered right to your front door.

Start every new mani with a clean slate with our sNails Gloves Complete Soak-Off Polish Removal Kit.  Single Use, Recyclable, Hygienic, Individually Packaged and Ready to Use.  No more dragging out the acetone, cotton and foil just to soak off your polish.  Just put on a pair of sNails Gloves, we have everything ready for you.

Try it for yourself! You’ll never go back to foil again.

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