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Soak Off your Polish in ONE EASY STEP!

With sNails Gloves

Tired of wrapping your fingers in foil, or sitting around with clips or your fingertips in a bowl of acetone for 30 minutes — just to soak-off your nail polish?

No more dragging out the acetone, cotton and foil

No more wrapping for fingers in foil or clips

No More Soaking in a bowl

Simply put on a pair of gloves!

sNails Gloves Gel & Acrylic Polish Remover

Each Pair of our gloves have custom-fit cosmetic pads pre-moistened with 100% Pure Acetone inside each fingertip.

Single Use, Individually Wrapped, Clean, Hygienic, Ready to Use & Recyclable Too!

Sold in packaged of 5 & 10

These cosmetic pads are so absorbent that they hold enough acetone to easily soak off your polish, but…


Read a Book…

Use your Phone…

All while you soak off your polish!

We’ve made soaking off polish easier than ever!

Removes Gels, Dips, Acrylics and Nail Glues

Contains 100% Pure Acetone

OPI Me, Myself & OPI Spring Collection

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