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Welcome to The future of nail care

The next-generation soak-off polish removal… the evolution that you’ve been waiting for!

Are you ready to ditch the foil, clips & bowls?

Simple One Step Process

sNails Gloves, makes soaking off your nail polish is as easy as slipping on a glove!

Are You Ready To Say Goodbye To Foil?

sNails Gloves have super absorbent cosmetic pads, nestled within the fingertips of the gloves, contain 100% Pure Acetone, and because of their absorbency, our gloves do not drip.

So enjoy a cup of coffee or browse through your phone while you wait your normal soak time and VoilĂ , your done, slip off the glove and the polish.

sNails Gloves are Single Use, Hygienic, Recyclable, Individually Packaged and Ready To Use

Join the countless others who have already made the change

How to remove gel nail polish at home. sNails Gloves

find Your perfect shade

Vibrant colors, long-lasting formulas, and a smooth, flawless finish. Vegan-friendly options ensure guilt-free glam for all. Dive into a world of endless possibilities and express your unique style!

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Our Best-Selling Nail Care Essentials: Tried, Tested, and Loved by Nail Lovers Everywhere!

are you ready for a pedi?

Treat your feet to luxurious care with our selection of foot soaks, scrubs, creams, and tools designed to leave your feet feeling soft, smooth, and rejuvenated. Whether you’re seeking relaxation or a professional spa-like treatment at home, our products deliver exceptional results.

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From chic minimalist designs to bold and intricate masterpieces, we’ve got something for every nail enthusiast.

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