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Featuring our Patent Pending sNails Gloves

Professional Nail Polish Remover

Removes Tough Polishes including Glitters, Gels & Dips

Indulge yourself with the Ultimate Mani-Pedi

Everything you Need is Right Here at Your Fingertips!

Whether you’re looking for a way to attract customers in a salon or treating yourself to an at-home manicure, sNails Gloves makes removing soak-off polishes easier than ever.

sNails Gloves are…

✅  Single Use ✅  Individually Packaged ✅  Ready to Use

✅  Hygienic  ✅  Latex Free ✅ Recyclable


And the best part is…

With our patent pending sNails Gloves, you can use your hands while you wait, so, enjoy a drink or read a book while you wait for your polish or glue to soften.

Try the easiest way to soak-off and remove nail polish and Enjoy a spa-level treatment wherever you are with sNails Gloves – Professional Nail Polish Remover

Available in Size S, M & L

GREAT FOR PROFESSIONAL USE – Are you a nail technician, freelance manicurist, or salon manager? Our top-grade gel nail polish remover gloves will give your clients the freedom to use their hands while they wait.

Whats New!

We have it all: gels, polishes, acrylic powders and dips, base and top coats, even kits. You’ll be impressed with our extensive nail collections. And thats just the polishes… 

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