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Love Gel & Acrylic Nails, but hate the hassle to take it off? At sNails we offer a brand-new way on how to remove gel nails & remove dip powder, with sNails Gloves.

We start with a recyclable StretchPoly glove (Latex Free), custom fit 100% polyester cosmetic pad and apply a perfect amount of 100% pure acetone and put them in each fingertip of the glove. No more wrapping your fingertips in aluminum foil and sitting around with your fingers dripping acetone. Simply put on a pair of our gloves, we have everything ready for you.

While you wait for that 20-30 minutes for your polish or glue to soften, you can use your hands with our gloves. So you can read a book, enjoy a drink or even use your phone, all while you soak off your polish.

After you wait your normal soak time, simply remove the glove and the polish.

Need more soaking time, no problem, simply put the gloves back on, you can even reverse the gloves and use the clean side of the cosmetic pad!!

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