Crystal Glitter Rhinestones


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Add some sparkle to your nails with Crystal Glitter Rhinestones Nails Art. 3D Nail Art Rhinestones & Nail Art Acrylic Beads 

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Crystal Glitter Rhinestones Nails Art

Once you’re ready to apply your rhinestones, start by applying nail glue to the area where your rhinestones will be placed. You don’t need to apply it to the entire nail. We recommend applying the nail glue one nail at a time and then curing once you’re happy with your placement.
  1. On polished nail, add a small amount of nail glue where you want to place the crystal. …
  2. Pick up the crystal with a wax stick or tweezers and apply to the glue on the nail. …
  3. Use a thin detailing brush to apply a small amount of top coat around the base of the crystals to seal.
  4. If using Gel – Cure under the UV light.

How to Remove Gel Nail Polish 

Buff the surface of your nail and then Soak your nails in acetone for approximately 30 minutes to soften then gently lift off the softened polish.

sNails Gloves makes that easier than ever to do. 

We have the acetone pre-measured and applied on a cosmetic pad – inserted inside the fingertip of each glove.  It’s all ready for you all you have to do is put them on.

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