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A Dotting Tool with Nail Art Brush is one of the most versatile nail care tools you can have in your manicure bag.

A flat brush on one end and a dotting tool on the other. 

Used to create dots, lines, swirls, petals, apply color to specific areas.

Apply nail enhancements, charms, & stones, glitter and nail art,  and so much more!

Easy to use and easy to clean just clean the brush end after each use with brush cleaner and add a drop of your favorite cuticle oil to condition bristles and keep them from drying out.

Safe for use with, natural, acrylic, & gel nails.

Use Brush Cleaner only to clean your brushes!

Do not wash in soap and water or acetone as these substances could dry out your brush. If your brush clogs, saturate it in brush cleaner until the hairs are softened and then guide the brush through lint free cloth until clean and free of hardened material.

How to Store your Nail Art Brushes

Store brush wrapped in a paper towel and lay flat in a drawer away from airborne dust.



  • Dotting Tool with Nail Art Brush
Weight .5 oz
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