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DL Professional Dotting Tool with Nail Art Brush


One side is a dotting tool One side is a nail art brush can be used to create flowers and marble designs!

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Dotting Tool with Nail Art Brush -DL Professional

No matter which dotting tool you use to dot paint, the technique is the same. 

How Do You Use a Dotting Tool..Here are some Dotting techniques you can try…

Dip the dotting tool into the paint and use the drop of paint that is picked up to make a circle, or dot, on your nail.

Some techniques include using different shades or color blending. These can help set a rock apart from a general design and really add a pop in the details!

Get creative and try to use different types of paints like pearl paint or different product brands. A purchase of a higher quality paint will make the difference between a faded or vibrant dot once it dries.

What is a nail art brush?

Nail Art brushes help in creating long fluid strokes on the nails. It also helps in creating one stroke patterns, blending and shading. They are also helpful in doing gel nails. 
How do you apply gel nail polish at home?
  1. Gently remove surface oils with buffer.
  2. Roll polish bottle in palms of hands. …
  3. Apply a thin coat of Base Coat
  4. Cure for 30 seconds under UV/LED lamp.
  5. Apply a thin coat of Color. …
  6. Cure for 30 seconds under UV/LED lamp.
  7. Repeat step 5 & 6 – applying 2-3 coats.
  8. Apply Top Coat
  9. Cure for 30 seconds under UV/LED lamp.
  10. Use Isopropyl alcohol & lint free cloth to remove residue from the surface of your nail.

How to Remove Gel Nails

Remove Gel & Acrylic Nails at home or at the salons with sNails Gloves. These are the brilliant solution to the hassle of removing both gel and acrylic nail polish. You’ll never again have to:

  • Haul out the acetone, cotton, and foil to wrap your nails, waiting…
  • Soak your nails in a bowl, waiting…
  • Attach weird clips to your fingertips, waiting…

With our single-use gloves and their custom-fit, pre-moistened pads inside, you can actually go about your business while the acetone does its thing. No more feeling like Edward Scissorhands. No more mess. Just ingenious, patent-pending polish remover gloves that leave you with a blank slate for your next manicure.

Try it for yourself! You’ll never go back to foil again. 

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