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China Glaze | First & Last Base & Top Coat – .5 oz


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First & Last provides the simplicity of a base coat and top coat in one bottle. Protects polish with a hi-gloss finish. Free of DBP, Toluene and added formaldehyde.

Why choose China Glaze

  • Formulated with hardeners to make polish last longer
  • Does not thicken
  • Professional 440-strand brush for great application
  • Free of DBP / Toluene and added Formaldehyde
  • Color rich hues ensure long lasting coverage
  • Rapid Drying, High-Gloss Finish
  • No Chipping or Peeling
  • Specially Designed Bottle for Comfort and Accurate Application
  • Our color experts watch the runways so you are always in fashion
  • Salon tested

Cover entire nail surface without flooding the cuticle area with your shade of choice. Let dry 1-2 minutes. Apply a thin layer to each nail and let dry for 1-2 minutes. No UV/LED Light Needed. Apply 2 – 3 coats of color (drying between each coat) and don’t forget the top coat!


Soak a Cotton ball in Acetone and press on your nail for a few seconds. Wipe off the polish in one downward motion. Before wiping again, make sure a clean area of the wipe is used to avoid staining the skin.

What is the difference between nail lacquer and nail polish?
Nail Lacquer is typically more durable than traditional nail polish formulas and is usually slightly thicker comparably which allows it to be more chip resistant.
Is nail lacquer the same as gel polish?
No – Unlike regular nail lacquer, gel polish has to be cured under a UV/LED light for 30 seconds between coats. Whatever you do, DO NOT PEEL YOUR GEL MANICURE. 

How to Remove Gel Nail Polish



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