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Stork scissors can be used for accurately trimming and tailoring nails tips and forms. Also great for cutting striping tape and other accessories along with many other uses.


Diane Stork Scissors

Stork Scissors allows you to trim your nails easily with control. Cuts to the tip. Cuts Linen or silk nail wrap.  3.75″, Silver, Multi functional. Cuts Linen or silk nail wrap. Cuts to the tip!


    Achieve magazine-worthy eyebrows with these classic scissors that prioritize maneuverability and precision.


    Allows user to trim easily and with control. Cuts to the tip. Cuts Linen or silk nail wrap.

    What is the difference between nail scissors and cuticle scissors?
    If you have thick nails, you may want to consider nail nippers (also called pliers) or nail clippers, as they allow greater leverage and comfort. Cuticle scissors look like a slimmer version of nail scissors and are used to remove the excess or dried skin of the cuticle and in the nail corners.
    Here’s how to use nail scissors…

    Face the curve of the blade toward your nail, and gently cut from one side of the nail across the top to the other side. Use one smooth motion rather than several choppy ones.  Be sure to cut all the way to the end of the nail so that the cut piece falls off.



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