Stork Manicure Scissors Nail Tip Cutter 3.75 inch


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Stork scissors can be used for accurately trimming and tailoring nails tips and forms. Also great for cutting striping tape and other accessories.
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Diane Stork Scissors 3.75″

These stork manicure scissors allow you to trim your nails easily with control.

Cuts Linen or silk nail wraps to the tips.

These attractive Scissors are used for cutting fine, delicate fabrics, like linen or silk, and is also perfect for cutting and nail wraps. It is extremely sharp and cuts smoothly the entire length of the blade, so no more snags or uneven edges. You get a smooth, attractive cut every time.
These scissors are perfect for cutting thread, stripping tape, foils, water transfers, decals and other nail art mediums with precision. Used for craft projects and a favorite tool used by many nail artists.
This high quality tool with the ‘stork’ motif has become the staple cutting tool for nail Techs.

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Weight .5 oz
Dimensions 4 × 4 × 1 in
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Stork Manicure Scissors Nail Tip Cutter 3.75 inch
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