Shop All Season – Nail Art Brushes, 4 Pack

All Season – Nail Art Brushes, 4 Pack


Four unique nail art brushes.

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Nail Art Brushes, 4 Pack

Four unique nail art brushes allows you to stripe, design and create unique nail art Striper brush for stripes Finer nail art brush for bolder lines Mini liner brush for extra fine work.

What is a nail art brush?

These brushes help in creating long fluid strokes on the nails. It also helps in creating one stroke patterns, blending and shading. They are also helpful in doing gel nails. Your set may contain 2-3 sizes of this brush.

What kind of brush do you use for nail art?
Round brush: It is the most versatile and common nail art brush. It is used for creating intricate designs. It also helps in creating different strokes patterns. These brushes help in making 3d nail art using acrylic powder and monomer.
How to Clean Your Brushes
Saturate a lint-free wipe with cleanser (alcohol for gel products, or acetone for regular nail lacquer), and then use it to gently wipe the bristles of the brush using a soft pinch. Alternatively, you can also wipe or roll the brush along the surface of the lint-free square.
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