ProDip Acrylic Powder .90 oz – Gleaming Iris


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Opting for a blue glitter acrylic dip powder manicure is an exquisite and glamorous decision that seamlessly blends the enchantment of deep blue hues with the added twinkle of glitter. The suspended blue glitter in the acrylic dip powder imparts a mesmerizing shimmer to your manicure, with glitter particles that catch and reflect light, evoking a dazzling effect reminiscent of stars in a night sky. This manicure is versatile and suitable for both daytime and evening occasions. In natural light, the deep blue color takes center stage, offering a chic and sophisticated appearance. In artificial or low light settings, the glitter truly comes to life, infusing a touch of glamour and creating a captivating interplay of light.

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Enhance your nails with ProDip Acrylic Dip Powder. Remove with sNails Gloves & experience a revolutionary new way to Soak-Off Polish, IT’S A GAME CHANGER!

ProDip by SuperNail is a finely milled powder which makes applying dip powder nails easy to work with and goes on smooth with minimal filing & sculpting needed.

  1. Preparation:
    • Start with clean, dry nails. Remove any existing polish and shape your nails as desired.
    • Push back the cuticles and remove any excess skin around the nail.
  2. Base Coat:
    • Apply a thin layer of a bonding agent or base coat to the entire nail surface.
  3. Dipping:
    • Dip the nail into an acrylic powder of your chosen color. The powder adheres to the base coat, creating a thick layer on the nail.
  4. Activator:
    • After the powder has been applied, an activator is used to harden the acrylic and bond it to the nail. This step is crucial for creating a strong and durable finish.
  5. Shaping and Smoothing:
    • Once the acrylic has set, you can file and shape the nails to achieve the desired length and shape. This step helps create a polished and even look.
  6. Top Coat:
    • Apply a clear top coat to seal and protect the acrylic layers. This also adds shine to the finished nails.
  7. Drying:
    • Allow the nails to dry thoroughly. The use of an LED or UV lamp may be necessary depending on the specific products used.

One of the main advantages of acrylic dip powder nails is their durability. They are known for being resistant to chipping and cracking, and the application process is generally quicker than traditional acrylic or gel nails. Additionally, the dip powder technique eliminates the need for sculpting or shaping the acrylic on the nail, making it a popular choice for those looking for a faster and easier application process.

It’s important to follow the manufacturer’s instructions for the specific products you are using, as different brands may have variations in their application process. Additionally, proper removal is crucial to maintain the health of your natural nails. Find a revolutionary approach to nail removal with sNails Gloves.

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