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Mehaz Professional Ceramic Foot File has double-sided fine and medium grit ceramic stone with comfortable handle. Helps reduce calluses to swiftly rejuvenate feet, also features two grits to remove and smooth. Double-sided ceramic stone can be used on wet or dry feet to smooth corns, calluses and rough skin. The grooved handle design offers a comfortable, secure grip

  • How to use a ceramic foot file
Use on moist skin right after a hot shower or bath. Applying desired pressure and then move in a circular motion to remove calluses. Apply lighter pressure to smooth out and massage other hard, dry skin areas.
To clean, rinse off filing head with warm water, then air dry.
  • How to remove calluses
Soaking your hands or feet in warm, soapy water softens corns and calluses. This can make it easier to remove the thickened skin. Thin thickened skin. During or after bathing, rub a corn or callus with a pumice stone, nail file, emery board or washcloth to help remove a layer of toughened skin.
  • Pumice Stone

A pumice stone can be used to remove the dead skin from a callus or corn. Reducing the size of the callus or corn may result in less pressure or friction and less pain. Soak your foot or other affected area in warm, soapy water for 5 minutes or until the skin softens.


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Mehaz Professional Ceramic Foot File

Weight .5 oz
Dimensions 6 × 6 × 6 in
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