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Professional Toenail Clippers by Tool Worx

Tool Worx toenail clippers are specially designed with precision blades to reduce the pain of ingrown nails or thick nails.

These clippers have an easy-to-grip matte finish handle which make them easy to use.

Straight edge blade that not only reduces the chance of ingrown toenails, but also cuts toenails easily and with precision.

Nail clippers or manicure scissors are appropriate, but avoid tools such as regular scissors or knives that aren’t specifically designed for cutting nails.
You should have two nail clippers — one for your fingers and one for your toes.
Since your toenails are broader and thicker, they require a larger clipper.
  • Nail Care Tips
Cut nails when they’re dry, not wet because wet nails are more likely to tear, bend, or not cut smoothly because they’re softer when wet. Cutting dry nails will give you a cleaner, smoother cut.
A straight trim will help ensure your toenails grow forward as they should.
Curved edges provide more opportunity for your nails to grow into your skin instead.
If you are concerned about the corners of your nails poking against you or catching on your socks, gently file them down instead of clipping them off.
Weight .5 oz
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