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OPI Natural Nail Lacquer Base Coat nourishes the nail and can keep polishes from staining the nail. 

Base coats help to bond with your coloured polish. Prolongs wear and offer protection from chipping and create shiny nails. 

 OPI Natural Nail Base Coat nail polish can be used under OPI Nail Lacquer shades.
  • Why use a base coat?

Base coats stick to the nail below and the polish above to prolong the manicure, and allow for enough flexibility to move with the nail as it bends.” Without this sticky, elastic surface for the pigment to adhere to, your manicure would chip a lot faster.

You can also apply base coats to natural nails as a nail strengthener or to prevent staining from darker nail colours.

  • How to Use…

Apply as normal for a lacquer polish and let dry for a full 2 minutes between the base coat and the color, two minutes between color coats, and then two minutes before the top coat goes on. 

Daily Nail and Hand Routine

To keep hands looking youthful and manicure-ready at a moment’s notice, nail care is key! Push back cuticles and apply cuticle oil daily to help condition and soften cuticles. Take care to cut only hanging skin as needed. Wash hands with a non-drying soap and regularly apply an ultra hydrating lotion to keep hands from looking ashy or dry.


Weight.5 oz
Dimensions3 × 3 × 3 in
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