Shop OPI | Natural Nail | Lacquer Base Coat – .5 oz

OPI | Natural Nail | Lacquer Base Coat – .5 oz


OPI Base Coat helps to bond with your coloured polish to prolong wear and offer protection from chipping and create shiny nails. You can also apply base coats to natural nails as a nail strengthener or to prevent staining from darker nail colours.

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OPI Base coat nourishes the nail and can keep polishes from staining the nail. A good base coat formula is loaded with nail conditioners, moisturizers, vitamins and minerals. Different base coat formulas can target issues such as ridges or weak and breaking nails

How to use?

  1. Start by applying one coat of OPI Base Coat.
  2. Shake nail polish shade of choice before application to properly mix pigment to help avoid streakiness.
  3. Apply two thin coats to each nail. …
  4. Lastly, apply one coat of OPI Top Coat to finish.

    OPI Natural Nail Base Coat nail polish can be used under OPI Nail Lacquer shades.

    What is OPI lacquer nail polish?

    In general, Nail Lacquers are solvent-based coatings that contain pigment and are applied to nails using a brush. Nail Lacquers do not require curing in a lamp to dry.

    How do you apply nail lacquer?

    When it comes to color application, it’s best to apply nail polish down the center of the nail, avoid flooding your cuticle. Then work your way down the sides of the nail, and be sure to cap the free edge as a final step. Apply 2 coats of color application, allow each coat to dry in between

    Gel Nail Polish Remover

     sNails Gloves 

    Inside each fingertip of these stretch-poly sNails Gloves are custom-fit pads that are pre-moistened with acetone. Everything you need is already inside. Each pair is individually wrapped and ready for use. They’re recyclable, too!

    Important note: Never try to remove polish that isn’t soft – even if you’ve already soaked it in acetone for the recommended amount of time – to avoid damage


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