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OPI Chip Skip Manicure Prep

 Chip Skip is not a nail polish.

It’s a quick swipe alcohol-based liquid that cuts down the natural oils on your nail to give the polish an optimal environment on which to adhere.

Primes the natural nail surface under the base coat to prolong lacquer wear

Manicure prep coat for long-lasting OPI color and treatments.

Prevent chipping with just one coat.

Its patented formula keeps manicures looking gorgeous longer!

How to Use OPI Manicure Prep?

Apply just one coat to clean, bare, dry, natural nails.
For best results, follow with your favorite OPI Base Coat, Nail Lacquer and Top Coat.
The OPI chip skip manicure prep coat is a polish developed to serve as a natural nail primer.
The priming of the natural nails makes it possible then to increase the adhesion of the nail paint or lacquer.

Daily Nail and Hand Routine

To keep hands looking youthful and manicure-ready at a moment’s notice, nail care is key! Push back cuticles and apply cuticle oil daily to help condition and soften cuticles. Take care to cut only hanging skin as needed. Wash hands with a non-drying soap and regularly apply an ultra-hydrating lotion to keep hands from looking ashy or dry.

Weight1.0 oz
Dimensions3 × 3 × 3 in
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