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IBD Jewel Collection Nail Files exfoliate the nail’s surface to smooth out ridges, which promotes a smooth foundation for applying polish.

(2) Diamond File (Grit 220/280

(2) Emerald File (Grit 180/180)

(2) Sapphire File (Grit 150/150)

(2) Ruby File (Grit 100/100)

  • What is the difference between grit and nail file?
Basically, the higher the grit number, the smoother the file. Coarse files (80-100 grit) are best for acrylic nail extensions. 
  • How do you file the surface of your nails?
To buff your nails, hold the buffing side parallel to your nail and stroke it across each nail in an X shape. Don’t buff side-to-side, as the heat created can dry the nails out and cause damage.

Jewel Collection Nail Files

Weight .5 oz
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