sNails is committed to enabling Salons to practice social distancing.


With sNails Gloves Salons are able to provide a safe removal environment by allowing patrons to remove product in privacy, be it their car or a designated safe zone within the salon while awaiting the next awesome design you provide..

This help by reducing face to face mask time required to service your clients, after a normal light buff they simply open a package of individual use disposable sNails gloves put them on and soak off  allowing them to continue to access electronic devices or other activities during the soak off period.

When sNails Glove (single use gloves) are used it reduces or eliminates sterilization of removal tools such as bowls, orange sticks and dealing with foil wraps etc. This allows the nail technician to service more clients as the removal process could be conducted prior to arrival if provided in advance or from a safe distance while they soak off. Some of the keys of this product and its use are it does not drip due to the controlled amount of acetone that is in the infused each salon grade insert. Additionally it helps reduce odor from acetone as it is largely contained with each glove. This also aids in the removal of polish as it keeps active ingredients within the product and on the nails for removal.

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The only all-in-one soak off polish remover product!



Price List:


QuantityCost per PairPriceShippingTotal
5 Pair1.999.959.0017.97
10 Pair1.8919.959.0027.95
50 Pair1.5189.5014.00103.50
100 Pair1.40140.0018.00158.00



Available in 100% Pure Acetone & Non-Acetone Nail Polish Remover


**Please contact us for pricing on a custom fill of your favorite remover.