With sNails Gloves  Acrylic & Gel Nail Polish Remover you can remove clients polish at a distance!!

  • No more soaking in a bowl
  • No more foil wrapped fingertips

Once you put on a pair of sNails Gloves your client has the freedom to move around and use their hands while they wait, you can also provide them a pair at the end of each appointment so they can have the polish already removed before their next appointment for another great design.

This can help significantly reduce the face to face time and help us all practice safe social distancing.

  • Each pair of sNails Gloves contains approximately 1oz of acetone
  • The absorbency of the insert holds the acetone without dripping
  • Contains the strong smell of the acetone
  • Single use/recyclable product
  • Sanitary

Quick overview



The only all-in-one soak off polish remover product!

Available in 100% Pure Acetone & Non-Acetone Nail Polish Remover


**Please contact us for pricing on a custom fill of your favorite remover.