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Nail Strengthener OPI Nail Envy – This original formula by OPI helps nails grow harder, longer & stronger and resist peeling, cracking and splitting. 
How do you use Nail Envy Strengthener? Application is easy. Apply two coats to your bare nails, then apply one coat every other day to maintain your treatment. At the end of the week, remove with normal nail remover. You can also use this range over polish so there are no excuses for not getting nails to envy!

OPI has become a global cult sensation, and it will revolutionize your manicure, too. Try their different lines for different effects and dive deep into their stunning color palettes. It won’t take long for you to find your favorites.

But don’t limit yourself to just a few. Buy OPI nail polish in a new shade whenever you deserve a treat. Browse the collection today!

  • How to Apply OPI Nail Envy 

Cover entire nail surface without flooding the cuticle area with your shade of choice. Let dry 1-2 minutes. Apply a thin layer to each nail and let dry for 1-2 minutes. No UV/LED Light Needed. Apply 2 – 3 coats of color (drying between each coat) and don’t forget the top coat!

  •  How to Remove OPI Nail Envy

Soak a Cotton ball in Acetone and press on your nail for a few seconds. Wipe off the polish in one downward motion. Before wiping again, make sure a clean area of the wipe is used to avoid staining the skin.

Weight .5 oz
Dimensions 3 × 3 × 3 in
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