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Gift Card -$25 e-Card – sNails Nails Premium Nail Care Products


Give the gift of ultimate relaxation this Holiday Season. We have everything you need for the ultimate at-home mani-pedi.

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Holiday Gift Card 

Give the gift of relaxation this Holiday Season.  With a Gift Card from sNails Nails. We have everything for the ultimate at-home mani-pedi spa treatment.

Save yourself a trip to the store, and order it conveniently from us instead—and try something new while you’re at it.

sNails has it all: gels, polishes, acrylic powders and dips, base and top coats, even kits. You’ll be impressed with our extensive nail collections.

We want to make it easy to change up your nails with our patent-pending remover gloves. Then get some inspiration here for your next mani with some new polish. It’s all here at your fingertips!

Perfect Pedicure

1. Prep 

The First thing you want to do to get ready for your pedicure …make sure you have everything you need.  Remove any old polish from your nail.

  1. Foot file or pumice stone
  2. Nail file
  3. Nail clippers
  4. Foot cream
  5. cuticle oil
  6. Nail polish(including base and top coat)
  7. Bowl or container large enough for you to soak both feet at once

Fill a bowl – with warm water and pour in Sea Salt Soak. Sit back Relax and let your feet soak for five minutes.  This can help relieves achy muscles and stimulate circulation at the end of a long day.  You will enjoy the comfort and extremely relaxing sensation when soaking with warm sea salt. Ease muscle cramps & help relieve the stiffness in joints. Soothing your achy, overworked legs and feet.

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2. Sugar Scrub

After Soaking your feet in the Sea Salt for half an hour then apply a sugar scrub to all the toe nails. Then massage your feet in circular motions, until the dead skin cells are removed.


3. Trim your toenails

Once your feet are smooth it’s time shape your toenails. Reach for classic nail clippers to trim and cut your nails. Don’t worry about about getting the edges perfect – you can use file them for that.

4. Add a few drops of cuticle oil

Don’t forget your cuticles you can use an orange stick to push back your cuticles, save the trimming or cutting for the pros.  Instead, a few drops of cuticle oil and massage it into the cuticle- It’ll make a big difference overall health & strength of your nails.

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5. Massage your feet with lotion

A foot mask is a thick lotion meant to be coated on the feet. As a foot mask dries, it is said to help detox the body, draw impurities from the skin, boost circulation  and exfoliate, smooth and moisturize the foot skin.

Rinse Again.

Finish off by drying your nails with rubbing alcohol to clean the surface to removing any oily residue that could prevent your polish from sticking.

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6. Apply a layer of base coat

Makes Your Nail Polish stick to your Nail Plate. The main function of a base coat is to make your nail polish adhere firmly to your nails, Prevent Your Natural Nails From Getting Stained & Nourish Your Nails. It can also Help Make Removal Easier.

7. Paint your toenails

Apply two thin coats of your color of choice, letting the paint dry for a few minutes between each coat.

8. Finish with a top coat

Apply a Layers of a top coat to seal in the nail polish. You’ll be left with a super shiny and long-lasting finish.


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