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Tired of wrapping your fingers in foil or sitting around for 30 minutes with your hands soaking in a bowl, just to soak off your polish?  Try sNails Gloves!




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How to Remove Dip Nails

sNails Gloves Gel Nail Remover

Tired of dragging out the Acetone, Cotton and Foil and sit around for 30 minutes with your fingers dripping, just to soak off your nail polish? If you’re a nail lover you know how great a gel or dip mani is, but removing it is another story.  At sNails we take the hassle out of soaking off your polish by putting the acetone on a custom fit cosmetic pad and inserting it into the fingertip of a glove. No more dragging out the acetone, cotton and aluminum foil, no more clips and no more soaking in a bowl. sNails Gloves are Single Use, Hygienic, Recyclable, Individually Packaged and Ready to Use and those are just some of the benefits of using our gloves to soak off your polish.

To use – simply buff the surface of your nail and then put on a pair of our gloves.

✅ Acetone ✅ Cosmetic Pad ✅ Glove, it’s all ready for you.

The BEST part of using sNails Gloves, is that you can use your hands while you wait.  Enjoy a drink, read a book, even use your touchscreen electronics.  All while you soak off your polish.

Try it for yourself! You’ll never go back to foil again.

sNails Gloves

The Best Dip Nail Remover

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