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EZFlow TruDip Acrylic Dipping Powder

2.0 oz

Simple and easy 3-step acrylic dip system requires no sculpting and minimal filing for a quick, precise dip manicure. 

This odorless system provides a comfortable and convenient salon experience.

Finished nails are lightweight and durable, with a glossy finish.

This simple and easy nail enhancement requires no sculpting and minimal filing for a quick, precise acrylic manicure.

How to Apply Dip Powder Nails

  1. Lightly buff your nail beds.
  2. Apply nail dehydrator or ‘Prep”  let dry for about 2 minutes
  3. Apply dip base liquid to your nail.
  4. Dip your finger at a 45 degree angle into the powder.
  5. Leave your finger for 2-5 seconds.
  6. Slowly lift your finger out of the jar.
  7. Tap the side of your finger and brush away excess powder.
  8. Repeat for 2 layers minimum – The more layers the thicker the polish increasing the need for shaping & filing
  9. Apply nail activator to seal the powder.
  10. Apply your dip top coat or gel top coat.
  11. Use activator to cure dip top coat without UV light. Or use a UV light to cure gel top coat.

How to Remove Dip Powder Nails

Soak your fingertips in acetone for approximately 30 minutes and lift off the polish.

sNails Gloves makes that easier than ever to do.  sNails Gloves are single-use gloves with custom-fit cosmetic pads inside each fingertip that have been  pre-moistened with a controlled amount of acetone. 

sNails Gloves are Single Use, Individually Wrapped, Clean, Hygienic, Ready to Use and Recyclable. 

No more mess, no more dragging out acetone, cotton and wrapping your fingers in foil.  Now just put on a pair of sNails Gloves and use your ands while you wait for the acetone to work.  

Try it for yourself! You’ll never go back to foil again.

Available in Size S,M & L


Weight 2.0 oz
Dimensions 3 × 3 × 3 in

XO Maybe So (Glitter), Hey Bartender (Creme), White Hot (Glitter), Truth Serum (Creme), Bleeding Love (Creme), Corner Booth (Creme), Call Me a Cab (Creme), Buzz Worthy (Glitter), Black on Black (Creme), Bad Habit (Shimmer), After After Party (Glitter), Adulting (Creme), High Roller (Creme), Blue Hawaiian (Creme), Champagne Lane (Shimmer), Brunch with Punch (Creme), Breakfast in Bed (Creme), Bra Code, Bottle Service (Glitter), Bottle Poppin' (Glitter), Boozy Blue (Creme), Bluff Me (Creme), Blaze of Fire (Creme), Hey Mr. DJ (Shimmer), Blackout (Creme), Big Spender (Shimmer), Berry-tini (Shimmer), Aphrodisiac (Shimmer), Another Bottle (Creme), Amateur Night (Creme), All the Way Up (Creme), Ace Me (Creme), About Last Night… (Creme), Double Down (Creme), Colorgasm (Creme), Coat Check (Shimmer), Club Kid (Neon), Circus Life (Glitter), Chaotic (Glitter), All In (Glitter), Ez Flow Tru Dip Base, Ez Flow Tru Dip Activate, Ez Flow Tru Dip Seal

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