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Everything you need for the perfect Holiday Nails. OPI Gels, Lacquers and Essentials are on Sale! Save up to 50% on select items. Gel Color, Velvet Vision, Infinite Shine, Classic Lacquer, Nature Strong (Vegan) & All Base & Top Coats!

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What do the letters “OPI” stand for? Technically speaking, they’re an acronym for the original company, Odontorium Products Inc. Practically speaking, though, all you need to know is that OPI stands for legendary nail lacquer.

Why buy OPI nail polish online with us? Just a few of the more popular reasons:

-Smooth application
-Quick drying
-Long lasting
-Chip resistant
-Vibrant colors
-Huge variety
-Inventive names

OPI has become a global cult sensation, and it will revolutionize your manicure, too. Try their different lines for different effects and dive deep into their stunning color palettes. It won’t take long for you to find your favorites.

But don’t limit yourself to just a few. Buy OPI nail polish in a new shade whenever you deserve a treat. Browse the collection today!

Save yourself a trip to the store, where you’ll probably find that they’re out of your favorite shade anyway. Order it conveniently from us instead—and try something new while you’re at it.

sNails has it all: gels, polishes, acrylic powders and dips, base and top coats, even kits. You’ll be impressed with our extensive nail collections.

We want to make it easy to change up your nails with our patent-pending remover gloves. Then get some inspiration here for your next mani with some new polish. It’s all here at your fingertips!

Gel Nail Polish Remover – sNails Gloves

Trust us—you’ve already spent too much time with your fingers in foils. sNails has a better way. Now you can remove gel polish or acrylic nails just by wearing a pair of polish remover gloves. Whether you’re looking for a way to attract customers in a salon or treating yourself to an at-home manicure, sNails Gloves are less messy and more functional.

Inside each fingertip of these stretch-poly sNails Gloves are custom-fit pads that are pre-moistened with acetone. Everything you need is already inside. Each pair is individually wrapped and ready for use. They’re recyclable, too!

Don’t put your day on hold just to take off gel polish or acrylics. With our polish remover gloves, you can do what needs to get done while soaking off your last manicure. Try the most convenient way to get your nails ready for your next manicure. Enjoy a spa-level treatment wherever you are with sNails Gloves!

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