We think you will find that this Is the easiest way to remove your polish.

sNails Gloves have everything ready for you, the acetone is already measured out and the inserts are custom fit to each fingertip so that it stays securely in place throughout your soak time.  sNails removes dip powders, acrylics and gel polishes.

Your individual soak time will depend on the type of product and application process that you use.  Dip powders and acrylics generally take longer than gel polishes.  Begin checking the progress of your removal at 20 minutes, If you need to soak longer simply put the same gloves back on, continue to soak, checking every 5 minutes until any remaining polish can easily lift off. You can also switch hands and use the clean side of the cosmetic pad for any additional soak time you might need.

We can’t do anything about how long It takes to remove your polish, but we can give you your hands back while you wait!!


  • Buff the surface of your nail.
  • Open a package of sNails Gloves – Use immediately after opening.
  • Place the Inserts over your nail

(Note:  If you have any sensitivity to acetone, please coat your hands with petroleum jelly before using…this will also help moisturize your hands while you soak off your polish.)


  • While wearing sNails, you can soak your hands in a bowl of warm water or warm rice to for a few minutes…a few different times…through your soak time.
  • Periodically through your soak time, massage the Inserts over your fingertips.
  • After using these gloves, you can also remove the Inserts…there Is enough acetone left on them for additional uses.


Gel Removal video:

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