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How to Remove Gel Nail Polish

Anyone who loves having their nails done knows that gel manicures are made to last. But how to remove gel nail polish?  The current best methods are wrapping your fingers in foil, or attaching clips or soaking in a bowl for 30 minutes. So, after dragging out all of the supplies acetone, cotton, you’ll spend at least 30 minutes waiting. With your fingers wrapped in aluminum foil or dipped in a bowl of acetone just to soak that polish off. Either way you can’t use your hands for the entire time.

What a hassle!

Trust us—you’ve already spent too much time with your fingers in foils or fingers soaking in a bowl. sNails has a better way. Now you can remove gel polish or acrylic nails just by wearing a pair of our patent pending sNails Gloves. Whether you’re looking for a way to attract customers in a salon or treating yourself to an at-home manicure, sNails Gloves are less messy and more functional.

Inside each fingertip of these stretch-poly sNails Gloves are custom-fit pads that are pre-moistened with acetone. Everything you need is already inside. Each pair is individually wrapped and ready for use.

They’re recyclable, too!

Why Does It Matter How You Remove Your Polish?

First off, if you’re tempted to pick, rip, or bite of your gel polish or acrylic nails, STOP in your tracks! This is the first “DIY” solution that most people come up with, and it’s easily the worst for your nails. Whenever you peel off your polish, layers of your nail bed will come with it. To avoid damaging your nails, make sure you remove your gel nail polish or acrylic nails the right way.

This involves soaking your nails in acetone.

But, don’t put your day on hold just to take off gel polish or acrylics. With our polish remover gloves, you can do what needs to get done while soaking off your last manicure. To use, you’ll put the gloves on and all your nails to “soak” for about 30 minutes. The best part? You can use your hands and remove your polish at the same time!

So, try the most convenient way to get your nails ready for your next manicure and enjoy a spa-level treatment wherever you are with sNails Gloves! Available at & Amazon

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Gone are the days you sit there with foil fingers or glued to a bowl of acetone just to remove your polish!


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