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How to Remove Gel Nail Polish and Acrylic Nails


Anyone who loves getting their nails done knows that proper nail care can be hard work. When you go to the salon, you look forward to getting pampered and selecting a new design. But what does not one tell you? You’ll spend at least 30 minutes with your fingers wrapped in aluminum foil or dipped in a bowl of acetone just to soak that polish off when it begins to chip. What a hassle!


Fortunately, there’s now an easier way to remove your gel polish or acrylic nails while also protecting your skin and cuticles. In this blog, we’ll share a safe, effective, and convenient way to remove your polish.


Why Does It Matter How You Remove Your Polish?


First off, if you’re tempted to pick, rip, or bite of your gel polish or acrylic nails, stop in your tracks! This is the first “DIY” solution that most people come up with, and it’s easily the worst for your nails. Whenever you peel off your polish, layers of your nail bed will come with it. To avoid damaging your nails, make sure you remove your gel nail polish or acrylic nails the right way. This involves soaking your nails in acetone.


There are a couple of different solutions that nail experts have come up with over the years.


  1. File your nails. 


Gently and slowly sanding down the top layer of polish with a coarse nail file (180/180) can help to remove gel polish and acrylic nails. The goal here is not to remove all of the polish. Rather, you’re just looking to rough up the topcoat. Be sure to take it slow, remove the shine, and then move on to one of the next steps.


  1. Soak cotton balls and wrap with foil.


Another way you can help to get gel polish or acrylics off your nails is to use cotton balls soaked in acetone. You’ll need a cotton ball for each nail and then a small square of foil (three inches by three inches). You’ll have to let this sit for up to 30 minutes before seeing whether the polish is ready to come off with little to no pressure. During this time, you aren’t able to use your hands at all.


  1. Use a nail stick


After you’ve soaked your nail with a cotton ball wrapped with foil, use a wooden nail stick to apply light pressure to remove the gel polish or acrylic nail.


  1. Put your nails in a bowl of acetone.


An alternative to using foil and cotton balls is putting your nails in a bowl of 100% acetone. The problem with this solution is that, while effective, it can be incredibly drying and irritating to your nails and skin. This method also requires no use of your hands for the entire soak time.


What’s the Easiest Removal Method?


After reading all of the methods above, you’re probably wondering, “Isn’t there an easier way? I don’t have time to try four different methods and wait for 30 minutes. I’d also love to be able to use my hands while my nails soak!”


And now…there is! The best and easiest way to remove your gel nail polish and acrylic nails is sNails Gloves. They’re single-use, recyclable gloves that allow you to remove either gel polishes or acrylic nails at home or in the salon. They’re the perfect swap for any of the methods above.



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To use, you’ll put the gloves on and all your nails to “soak” for about 30 minutes. The best part? You can use your hands and remove your polish at the same time! Gone are the days you sit there with foil fingers or glued to a bowl of acetone.


Final Thoughts


If you’re interested in learning more about sNails Gloves for at-home or salon use, visit here. They’re ideal for all who want to skip the hassle of traditional nail removal methods for gel polishes and acrylic nails.




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