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Hi! My name is Tammie and this is the story of how sNails started in the fall of 2017. It was
based on a need that there had to be a better way to remove nail polish.
I have always loved doing my nails since I was a teenager and Band-Stand was still on
TV��! I have seen tons of amazing new products and the industry has exploded since I first
started doing my nails. But gel-based polish always concerned me; it was just a challenge
to remove it once it was on. I learned the hard way when my daughter got married… while
they looked beautiful, they were a real challenge to get off. It took me weeks to recover from
the removal. I am a natural nail person so there wasn’t an acrylic overlay for the gel to bond
It bonded to my nails. Too well… ☹
After that, I avoided gels in general because it was too darn hard to get off. However, my
daughter was insistent, as they can sometimes be. “Mom- as much as you love doing your
nails I cannot believe you don’t use this!”
For Mother’s Day she got me a starter kit. So I gave them another shot. And I have to admit
when someone is right they are right… and in this case my daughter was right. I began
using them and discovered they are AWESOME! Same with dips, foils, stencils, stamps…
etc. I love them all!
And while I do love nail designs I don’t like to stick to one very long. One or two a week isn’t
too often. But being unable to use my hands for 20 minutes- per hand- just to soak the
polish off was frustrating. I usually did one at time so I would not be totally stranded. For the
most part I simply accepted it as part of the nail process, which up until I imagined these it
truly was.
Wrap or soak. Hurry up and wait.
I was sitting around waiting for a wrap to hit the 30 min mark when it hit me- there must be a
better way to get this off. So I started tinkering. I rummaged through what I had and found a
pair of gloves from a hair color kit. I put some cotton balls in the fingertips and filled them
with acetone. They seemed to work… but not well. They dripped and I had a hard time
keeping the cotton balls over my fingertips… But I was so excited that my little creation
actually worked! Now I could at least do my nails without going totally offline for 20 -40
minutes at a time. I started thinking that there has to be something out there like this…
doesn’t there?
I started looking. I thought certainly something must exist that solves this problem. To my
AMAZEMENT there wasn’t! I had already tried foil individual wraps, the little silicone finger
wraps, the clips with acetone tip inserts, etc. While all of them work to some degree, it
wasn’t a whole lot better than just soaking them in a bowl.

I sat and wrote down a list that answered one simple question: what do you really want from
a way to remove polish?
1:) Simplicity
2:) Get the use of my hands back
4:) Reduce the mess and smell
The more I searched the more I realized that there is a legitimate need in the nail care
industry for a simpler, more effective way to remove nail polish. That is how sNails LLC.
came to be…
It has been quite a journey that I will continue to share as it develops and share more of
how we got here. There have been attorneys, US and international patents, problem solving
and product testing the many different types of gloves and materials… And don’t even get
me started on working in a fast-food restaurant to help get fund my dream on it’s journey
from an idea to an actual product. More on that another time! ��
After a ton of trial and error (and more restaurant floors mopped than I care to remember ☹)
we came to where we are and the current design.
After more and more testing and feedback it became obvious that this should be shared. I
am a nail junkie at heart and have been for years. I KNOW that this will change the way you
look at taking your nails off! The more people who try them the more positive feedback they
These are all currently made by hand and assembled by me in the USA. I hope you take
some time while you’re using sNails to send me a message or leave a review- I’m excited to
hear from you!

So we recently decided to add quality nail products to our site and include a sample pair of our patent pending removal gloves.

We did this in hopes of increasing our brad awareness as well as provide quality nails care product at a fair price

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