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The EASIEST Gel Nail Polish Remover – at Home or at the Salon. sNails Gloves! Single Use, Hygienic, Recyclable, Individually Packaged and Ready to use!.

With sNails Gloves Gel Nail Polish Remover you don’t put your day on hold just to remove gel nail polish or acrylics.

Now you can remove gel polish or acrylic nails just by wearing a pair of polish remover gloves.

Enjoy a spa-level treatment wherever you are with sNails Gloves!

With our gel nail polish remover, you can do what needs to get done while soaking off your last manicure. Enjoy a drink or read a book, even use your phone. Try the most convenient way to get your nails ready for your next manicure.

Try it for yourself and You’ll never go back to foil again

Whats Different about sNails Gloves…

Inside each fingertip of these stretch-poly sNails Gloves, are custom-fit pads that are pre-moistened with acetone. Everything you need is already inside. Each pair is individually wrapped and ready for use and they’re recyclable, too!

With our single-use gloves and their custom-fit, pre-moistened pads inside, you can actually go about your business while the acetone does its thing. No more feeling like Edward Scissorhands. No more mess. Just ingenious, patent-pending polish remover gloves that leave you with a blank slate for your next manicure.

Available in Size S,M & L

Important note: Never try to remove polish that isn’t soft – even if you’ve already soaked it in acetone for the recommended amount of time – to avoid damage.

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See how Easy Removing your Gel Nail Polish or Acrylic Nails Can Be!!!

Gel Nail Polish Remover - sNails Gloves
The most convenient way to remove gel & acrylic nails.

You’ll Love our Glove!!!!

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