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Hi my name is Tammie and this is how sNails started in the fall of 2017. It is based on a need that there had to be a better way to remove nail polish. I have always loved doing my nails since I was a teenager, and BandStand was still on TV😊!

I have seen tons of amazing new products and the industry explode, I am more of a natural nail person. Gel-Based polish always concerned me as it was just a challenge to remove it once it was on. I learned the hard way when my daughter got married… while they looked beautiful, they were a real challenge to get off. It took me weeks to recover from the removal. being a natural nail person there wasn’t an acrylic overlay and it bonded really well to my nails… Too well… ☹

So after that I actually avoided Gels in general, because it was too darn hard to get off…But my daughter was insistent …as they can sometimes be… “ Mom as much as you love doing your nails and all the stuff you use on them I cannot believe you don’t want use this..” and for Mother’s Day she got me a starter kit. And so I gave them another shot.. and as we all have to admit when someone is right they are right.. and in this case my daughter was right… So I began using them… and admit they are AWESOME… same with DIP’s, foils, stencils, stamps… etc. I love them all!

And while I do love nail designs I also don’t like to stick to one very long… so lived with it … the giving up my hands 20 minute per hand 40 total minutes to get them off and that hand is essentially unusable. Which I usually did one at time so I would not be totally stranded.. LoL… For the most part I was thinking it’s just part of the nail process, which up until I imagined these it really was.

Wrap or Soak hurry up and wait… I was sitting on my back deck when waiting for a wrap to hit the 30 min mark. I was like there must be a better way to get this off without just sitting here stranded. So I started tinkering some… So I rummaged through what I had..  pulled out a pair of gloves from an from a hair color kit…put some cotton balls filled them with acetone and they seemed to work…... they worked but not well, initially they dripped and I had a hard time keeping them over the fingertips.. But I was so excited that my little creation actually worked… I initially thought ok now I can at least do my nails without going social media dark for 20 -40 minutes at a time…☹ I started thinking… as always being a nail junkie that “wow there has to be something out there like this… ?”

So I started looking… certainly something must be close…to my AMAZMENT there wasn’t…. Not that I had not already tried…Foil individual wraps, the little silicone finger wraps, the clips with acetone tip inserts etc. etc. While all of them work to some degree.. they helped keep the product in place but it wasn’t a whole lot better than soaking them in a bowl. And it takes my whole finger when all I need it is on my nails…Ughhh! 

So I sat and wrote down what do you really want from a way to remove polish?

Well with these gloves that is what I wanted to do is:

1:) Simple

2:) Get the use of my hands back 

3:) Make it as simple as possible…and NOT DRIP!

4:) Reduce the mess and smell

So the more I searched the more I realized that there is a legitimate need in the nail care industry for a simpler more effective way to remove nail polish.  So I talked to my husband and we thought Hmm maybe we should look into this idea and so we did. That is a little bit of how sNails LLC. Came to be…

It has been quite a journey that I will continue to share as it develops and share more of how we got here… attorney and US and international patents, the different types makes of gloves and materials… And don’t even get me started on having to go work at a Fast-Food restaurant to help get this from an idea to an actual product. More on that another time .. I promise. 😊 

So after a ton of trial and error (and more restaurant floors mopped than I care to remember ☹) we came to where we are and the current design:

So one of the challenges I had initially was how to keep them from sliding after you put your fingers in… which could and would cause dripping.. No…! So to combat that I started experimenting with the pad sizes. After tons of trial and error (some family testing) I made the size of the pad inserts a bit thicker and fuller to fill ¾ of the depth of fingertip of the glove. It soon became apparent that if you went with a bigger insert it acted to keep it snugly over your nail. It also keeps the acetone on top of the nail sealing the vapors around the nail similar to how wraps work. The ah-ha moment was when I picked up my phone and noticed I could actually use it. At first I was like oh that must be wrong. I didn’t really know what made you be able to use your phone with one type of glove VS the other. After more and more testing and feedback it soon became obvious that this should be shared. As I originally said I am a nail junkie at heart and have been for years and I KNOW that this will change the way you look at taking your nails off! Yes it still consumes time that you have to give anyway. But now go about your business be it waiting in line at a salon or at home doing your own thing while it soaks off.  This was something I want to share. Why, because I have been there… and I hated that part waiting for it to finish so I could go back to doing what I wanted to. My NAILS! 

So know that these were born out of need I sure wasn’t trying to be the next big thing…but the more people who try them the more positive feedback they receive. 

These are all currently made by hand and assembled by me….in the USA. I use only food grade gloves the inserts can be soaked with Acetone / Non-Acetone / or with Salon Grade Moisturizing Remover (for salon use only)

They are single use and recyclable (visit our recycling page for information 

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